December 7, 2009

I love Multipurpose products!

Hey guys!

So, I'm back, and I'm here to sing praise to another fabulous mark product - mark's Mist Oppurtunity - Multitasking Refresher.

Alrighty, so, this product retails $8.00 in the U.S.. I picked mine up directly from my site, since I'm a mark rep (I'll post the link to my store at the end of the post!). My order arrived pretty quick, within 7 days to be exact. I picked this up to use with my mineral makeup to spritz on after to keep my makeup from looking so powdery. Since then, I've found several uses for it. Here goes:
  1. Light Moisturizer - I use this most days before I apply any products to my face to prep it for makeup application.
  2. Mixing Medium - I use this on my brushes when I want to apply any products wet (eyeshadow, bronzer, etc.)
  3. Mineral Makeup Blender - I love spritzing this on my Everyday Mineral Long Handled Kabuki and swirling any of my mineral makeup on. It takes my skin from looking like I'm wearing makeup to soft, smooth skin. Just a few spritz between each time I dip the brush back for more powder.
  4. Skin Refresher - If I find my makeup to be looking dry later in the day, I simply use this all over. This is EXCELLENT when I touch up with powder to keep the shine at bay, but end up look powdery and too made up. I just spray this on a powder brush and dust it across my face.
So, there you have it! My uses for Mist Oppurtunity. Of course, another reason I bought this was I couldn't justify shelling out $18 for Fix+ (3.4oz), when mark's Mist Oppurtunity is only $8, and almost twice the size at 6.7oz.

I'm leaving it to everyone to be the judge. Give this product a try and I know you'll find just as many if not more uses that I did for it.

Here's the link to my mark store where you can pick this up as well: Josh's store :D <3

Josh <3

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