December 29, 2009

Nordstrom Sale !!!

Just to let everyone know, Nordstrom is having an awesome sale on their website. They have lots of great beauty finds from 20 to 50 percent off. The brands include MAC, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, Philosophy, and more!

Happy Shopping!!!!



December 7, 2009

I love Multipurpose products!

Hey guys!

So, I'm back, and I'm here to sing praise to another fabulous mark product - mark's Mist Oppurtunity - Multitasking Refresher.

Alrighty, so, this product retails $8.00 in the U.S.. I picked mine up directly from my site, since I'm a mark rep (I'll post the link to my store at the end of the post!). My order arrived pretty quick, within 7 days to be exact. I picked this up to use with my mineral makeup to spritz on after to keep my makeup from looking so powdery. Since then, I've found several uses for it. Here goes:
  1. Light Moisturizer - I use this most days before I apply any products to my face to prep it for makeup application.
  2. Mixing Medium - I use this on my brushes when I want to apply any products wet (eyeshadow, bronzer, etc.)
  3. Mineral Makeup Blender - I love spritzing this on my Everyday Mineral Long Handled Kabuki and swirling any of my mineral makeup on. It takes my skin from looking like I'm wearing makeup to soft, smooth skin. Just a few spritz between each time I dip the brush back for more powder.
  4. Skin Refresher - If I find my makeup to be looking dry later in the day, I simply use this all over. This is EXCELLENT when I touch up with powder to keep the shine at bay, but end up look powdery and too made up. I just spray this on a powder brush and dust it across my face.
So, there you have it! My uses for Mist Oppurtunity. Of course, another reason I bought this was I couldn't justify shelling out $18 for Fix+ (3.4oz), when mark's Mist Oppurtunity is only $8, and almost twice the size at 6.7oz.

I'm leaving it to everyone to be the judge. Give this product a try and I know you'll find just as many if not more uses that I did for it.

Here's the link to my mark store where you can pick this up as well: Josh's store :D <3

Josh <3

December 3, 2009

Sale Codes !

Tis the season for spending money!

I have several awesome discount codes to tell everyone about. It seems many companies are being very generous this holiday season. Use these codes to snag some awesome products for yourselves or others. is having 25 percent off with the code:
Expires 12/4/09 is having 20 percent off with the code:
Expires 12/6/09 is 22 percent off with a $60+ purchase with the code:
Expires 12/16/09 is still 30 percent off with the code:
Expires 1/5/10

There you have it. FAB deals on some of the top makeup brands.

Happy Shopping!!

<3 Sarah

December 1, 2009

Hard Candy so far...

Hey guys :D

So, I've picked up a few things from the new Hard Candy, exclusively at Wal-Mart. Overall, the products are really affordable and the packing is too cute for words. But yeah, let me review a few of the things I've picked up so far:

Take Me Out Liners

Notice anything special about this liner? It's a chop stick! I know, adorable! Either way, these come in a variety of colors, I think 8? I'm not sure, but I picked these up in Chop Suey (The aqua blue you see) and Ahi (Lime Green). The thought of having these colorful liners excited me! However, I have to sadly say, I'm a little disappointed. They're a kohl pencil, so, the staying power isn't that great, although the color payoff is. So, it's kind of like you take one to get one I guess? For $5 though, I don't regret them and will continue to use them.

Blush Crush Baked Blush
I really loved this product. It's marbleized like a lot of newer blush and bronzers are, which really draws you in. Now, I've never owned any of the MAC Mineral Skinfinishes, however, I feel this gives me the same type of finish. I have mine in Pin Up, which is the one in the picture, it's more of an apricot-highlighter blush/bronzer. They make these in much more brown and pink shades however. You can use this wet or dry pending on the effect you want, but I love the finish! They are a little on the hard to build side, but it's perfect for what I want. I used this wet as an eyeshadow and I loved it too! $7 well spent :D

Foiled Again Metallic Shadow Stick
I'm a major sucker for anything silver, gold, copper, or bronze, so, when I saw these, I picked up two -- Ecstacy(pictured), a copper color, and glimmer, a bright silver. These make excellent eyeshadow bases, or, if you're in a rush, just a swipe of color. They can be a bit stiff on the eye, but I prefer applying them directly than with a brush. But for $6, I'll probably pick up a few more.

I did get a few more Hard Candy products, but I'll save that for part II tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Josh <3

November 28, 2009

Coastal Scents Sale!

Hey guys!

Just letting everyone know, Coastal Scents has a 25% off Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale going on! Head on over and give stuff like their amazing 88 eyeshadow palette:

Or, if you're me, snag a few brushes and give their new HD Foundation a try! Happy shopping. :]

Josh <3

November 27, 2009

Product Rave - Revlon Age Defying Spa.

Hey guys :]

So, I can't tell you how much I fell in love with this line in a very short time. The Revlon Age Defying Spa products, both foundation and concealer, came out late 2008 along with the Revlon Matte Collection and ColorStay Ultimate Lipcolor. I had read several good things about this line, but I never tried them, until this week when they were BOGO Free at Walgreens.

So, I picked them up, I got the foundation 002 - Fair/Light and the Concealer in 001 - Light. Here's what the products look like:

So, let's start with the foundation. This foundation is 1oz, the same size as the Revlon ColorStay, so, don't let the bottle fool you, and retails for about $13.99 It's a light to medium coverage foundation, but what I really love about this product, it actually diffuses my flaws. So, even though it's not full coverage, it covers a lot of my discoloration, which is pretty awesome. It has SPF 18 and wears really well on my oily skin, but I feel like it'd be nice on even someone with dryer tendencies. Don't forget the brush! It comes with a unique flow-through brush applicator, which is nice, but in a hurry, I don't use it.

Next, we've got the concealer. This product retails at Walgreens for $10.49, but I know I got mine on a BOGO Free and I had coupons. I don't know how I feel about this being called just a concealer, since it's probably a highlighter. It comes in a YSL Touche Eclat styled clicky pen. The brush on this is very soft, though, I just apply it and pat it with my ring finger. It's amazing as adding radiance to the undereye, but I've used it over acne-scarring as well and loved it. Definitely a great product.

I've been using both of these products for a few days and I'm in love. They give me a much more radiant-skinned look without all the makeup I'd normally wear to cover my flaws. So, thumbs up for Revlon Age Defying Spa products!

Josh <3

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We Would like to wish our readers a very happy Thanksgiving. We hope you all can relax and enjoy the long weekend. Don't forget to take advantage of the wonderful Black Friday deals tomorrow!


Sarah & Josh

November 19, 2009

Check this out!!

Lorac has the most AMAZING deals ever. Whether I'm shopping their VIP discount section or their seasonal specials, I can not get enough of this fab website. One thing that caught my eye recently is their Everyday Eye Collection.

This is a deal to not pass up. You get nine eyeshadows and a black liquid liner, all for a mere $22.50. That's cheaper than buying nine drugstore shadows!

The colors look gorgeous and perfect for everyday wear. In this collection, you get the shades:
-Beige (a shade of matte beige)
-Joy (shimmery pink)
-Cappuccino (light brown)
-Mesmerize (shimmery peach)
-Cocoa (shimmery soft brown)
-Suede (reddish brown)
-Kiwi (shimmery greenish-grey)
-Lush (shimmery dark green)
-Jade (dark green)
I can't wait to add this to my collection. Will you be buying? If so, act quickly. A deal like this will not be around for long.
Happy shopping!

November 18, 2009

Dior Forever Foundation: Just a quick review

Hi there!

I have a hard time liking foundations. The formula is always either too cakey, too sheer, too greasy, and so on. Luckily, Dior's Forever liquid foundation entered my life.

For starters, I have combination skin that is very sensitive. So the fact that this foundation does not irritate my skin is automatically a plus. The formula is also fantastic. You can get medium to full coverage with this foundation.

The best part? It never looks cakey!

It's called "Forever" for a reason. It really does last all day. I can put this on in the morning and by the time I come home at night, my makeup still looks fresh. And that's without setting it with powder.

All in all, I LOVE Dior's Forever liquid foundation! It is a tad expensive ($44.00), but I feel that it is worth the money.

Definitely a keeper!



Walgreens sales next week!

Hey guys!

When it comes to drug stores, it helps to be in the know. For instance, thanks to me working at Walgreens, I know what's on sale next week, and I'll be sure to tell you guys and recommend a few products with this as well!

Alrighty, so, starting Sunday November 22nd, Revlon Foundation, Powder, Concealer, Blush, Lip and Implements are BOGO Free! If you're looking for anything special to try out of these, here's a few recommendations:
Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder in Suntan Matte
Use this product as an all over finishing powder to add a color to dull or drab Winter skin without all that sparkle a lot of other bronzers contain.
Revlon Matte Lipstick in Nude Attitude
If you're looking to play up some nice shadows this season(Urban Decay's Book of Shadows Volume II for instance anybody???), this is definitely a great lip product to pair it up with. Make sure to moisturize first!

Alrighty, next we've got Rimmel Eye and Lip Cosmetics are 50% off! Can I tell you how excited I am about this? Be sure to give these a try!
Rimmel Spark it Up! Eyeliners
--I have a few of these, but I couldn't get a good picture! Sorry!
Basically, this is a good alternative when you want a darker liner but want to spice it up from plain old black. My favorites are definitely Lapis, Black Gold, and Tiger Eye, but all of the are great!
Rimmel Sexy Curves Waterproof Mascara
I love this mascara! It definitely does all it says and it's really waterproof! It's the only thing I wear to the gym and it last through an hour of working out. However, it comes off easily with my Purity Cleanser by Philosophy.

Lastly, L'Oreal Cosmetics are BOGO 50% off. Here's what I'd give a shot out of L'Oreal:
L'Oreal HIP Chrome Eyeliner or Extra Intense Liquid Pencil
If you're a fan of the Urban Decay 24/7 style pencil, give these a shot, especially if you can't justify dropping $17 for an eyeliner. I have 5/6 of the Chrome Eyeliners and I have the Extra Intense Liquid Pencil and I probably use them 6/7 days a week.
L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara
Honestly, this is probably my most reached for mascara at the time, even more than my Lash Blast! This mascara provides me with a full fan of thick, dark lashes and that's totally the effect I want. It also helps that on me, it provides amazing length. So, why would I use anything else?

So there you have it! There are plenty of other products I'd love to tell you about, but these are just some of my personal faves. So, get out there and eat up those sales!

Josh :D <3

November 16, 2009

Most Reached for Powders and a little about Josh!

Hey everyone! Alrighty, I'm back again with another top 5 of mine. Keep in mind, these are my top 5 at the moment, I'm always trying new things and this list could change! So, with that said, here's my top 5 Powders:
1. Almay Pure Blends Translucent Matte Loose Powder - So, I picked this up as soon as it hit our shelves. I'm always out to grab any kind of mattifying powder and this was no exception. It comes in the most adorable packaging and it's so conveneint with the flip lid inside the box. It's best to apply this with a puff (one is included) because this maintains the smooth skin your foundation creates (You can thank MichellePhan for that expert advice!). But yeah, needless to say, this smoothes my skin over and really helps even out my skintone, not to mention, keeps me matte for about 6 hours, which is pretty incredible.
2. Physician's Formula Pressed Mineral Powder - Now, I know both Sarah and I like this. This little beauty sets my foundation, provides a light coverage, controls shine, and smooths my skin over. What's not to love about this? This was a staple of mine this last Summer. My only complaint about this is if you apply it and touch up with it, it can be a little heavy and it doesn't photograph the best...but I love it either way.
3. Urban Decay De-Slick Powder - First off, the packaging of this, much like all of Urban Decay's products, is to die for (I love the little skulls!). Secondly, I got this at Ulta's last Friends and Family sale, so, I got it 40%, thanks to Sarah :]. Thirdly, it does just what it's meant for, it provides a translucent powder to keep me matte and blot oil and shine. I love it for this, however, I'm not sure if I'd buy it at full price.
4. Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder in Brighten - This powder does exactly what it says. It can take my pale skin from dull to lively in a few brushstrokes. Now, a lot of people call these MAC Mineral Skin Finish dupes. I've never tried any of the MAC Mineral Skin Finishes other than a few swatches in the store, so, I can't claim this, however, this does brighten my skin. My only complaint is it almost makes me shiny. I prefer a much more matte look, so, I only use this along my cheeks. Also, this, unlike the other two Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing powders, can't be used a blush or bronzer, since this comes off much more translucent than the Sunkiss or Suntan Matte (I have the Suntan Matte as well!)
5. mark Matte-nificent Powder - Being a mark rep, I had to try this! A lot of people on MakeupAlley were saying they used this versus MAC Blot or Urban Decay De-Slick, so, I took my discount into action and bought this when I picked up the mark Mist Oppurtunity, mark's version of MAC Fix+. It finally arrived, and to be honest, I didn't use it. I finally found this powder a few weeks ago and I've been using it a bit more. This powder, unlike the De-Slick and MAC, comes in 4 shades. I have the lightest, Ivory Nude. I prefer to bring this to touch up in the day because my foundation starts to fade later in the day, and this takes away the shine plus gives me a little coverage boost. So, I expect this to be climbing the charts in my favorites.

There you have it! Those are my most reached for powders (Besides my MAC Hello Kitty in Tahitian Sand just to look at :D). Keep in mind, I classify myself as someone who's very-oily skinned, so, these might be my favorite, but not your's!

Moving right along, I did want to give a little bio of myself, just so you guys know who I am. I'm Josh! I'm 20 years old, I live in Delaware, where I've spent most of my life. I go to the University of Delaware normally as a Statistics major, though I can't afford to right now. So, I work full-time instead! Workwise, I'm a Senior Beauty Advisor with Walgreens and I'm also the District Cosmetic Lead for my district. I have a love-hate relationship with my job, but overall, I enjoy it. I really got into makeup sometime last year, thanks to work, but I've caught on pretty quick and I think it's really my only hobby. When it comes to looks I like, I guess you could describe my style in a few words: Carbon Black, Matte, Porcelain, Silver, Bronze, and Gold. Well...I guess that's makeup terms? Oh well. Oh, and here's a picture of me just for reference:

That'd be me driving to work the other morning(Gotta love intersections!)

Alrighty, well, that's it for me today. Let me know if you have any input and I'll be sure to reply to any questions or comments!

Oh yeah, here's the link to my mark page if anyone wanted to try the powder or any other product.

Josh :D

Current sales and promotions

Hey Guys!

Not that any of us need an excuse to spend more money, but I wanted to post some of the current sale codes. It seems that a lot of cosmetic lines are giving us some fab deals for the holiday season. So start your Christmas shopping :)

Here are some of the best deals going on right now: is having a 30 percent off sale with the code: Luckybreaks
Expires 12/31/09 is 30 percent off with the code: TEMPTALIA
Expires 12/31/09 is having 25 percent off with the code: ecoscene25
Expires 12/31/09 is having 25 percent off with code: ENJOY (Im SO looking forward to this one).
Expires 11/20/09 is having 30 percent off with code: FNFW1
Expires 11/20/09 is having 25 off with the code: NOVFF
Expires: 11/19/09

There you have it!!! Some amazing deals for the holiday season. Happy Shopping.

<3 Sarah

November 15, 2009

First Entry - Getting right into business!

Hey there everyone!

So, I'm Josh. I'm one of the two of people who post on this blog, the other being my good friend Sarah. We're both pretty addicted to makeup. So, why not put all our experience to good use? Enter this blog!

Either way, I'll introduce and talk about me later, but I really wanted to jump into this! I took the liberty of figuring out tonight what my "favorite five" items were when it comes to a few things. Here's one of the lists:

Favorite Five Tinted Moisturizers
1. Cosmedicine Medi-Matte Tint - I picked up this little wonder on my last birthday at Ulta. I got it for $42, which was muchhhhh more than I'd normally pay for something, especially a tinted moisturizer, but I really liked the idea that it had SPF, controlled oil, and had really good coverage. This provides light-medium coverage, leaning towards the medium side, which I love. Blending it can be a bit tricky, since the consistency is almost sticky, but it does control oil like a charm. So, I can deal with apply it in smaller areas. Overall, this is perfect for my uneven and excessively oily skin when I don't want something heavy. Oh yeah, and I got this in Fair Skin, of course.
2. Cover Girl Smothers Tinted Moisturizer - This tinted moisturizer is a favorite of mine because it does what a tinted moisturizer should do -- provide moisture. It's a really creamy consistency, blends well, provides a light coverage but can be built if needed. I love how this allows my skin to look a lot more even and still feel like skin. My only complaint about this is, my oily skin needs something a little more resistant and a few hours later, this might move a bit or transfer a little on me. But for the $7 I got this for, I love it. Great for a good-skin Winter day.
3. Aveeno Postively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer - This was a staple for me this last Summer for a while. Aveeno has always been a brand I trust and I love how none of their products have ever really irritated my skin. So, when this came out, I had to pick it up! It provides me with a light coverage, SPF 30, and actually moisturizes. Paired with my pressed Mineral Powder from Physician's Formula, I had a light Summer makeup routine down packed. However, I didn't like that the Fair to Light Skinned shade was really cool based. Also, I know it's Postively Radiant, which is supposed to be leaving your skin glowing, but this left me too shiny a lot of the time, so, thank god for powder.
4. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer - I remember picking this up at work and not being able to wait to try it. I loved the idea that it literally was what it sounded like -- a skin enhancer. This product contains SPF 20, Retinol, and a light coverage. It does make my skin look a lot more even, though it's not that hydrating. I did however stop using this after I realized I shouldn't be using Retinol in the day, since it's almost counteracts the SPF. So, this went to the back of my drawer unless I want to use it at night.
5. Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer - Sarah actually gave this to me since she had one already and she got another in a set she ordered. This tinted moisturizer is a bit too shiny for my normal taste, but since I'm pretty oily, I set everything with a nice powder, therefore, this left this T.M. looking a lot nicer. It provides a nice coverage and Shade 1 is a nice match for my NC 15-20 skin. I don't reach for this as much as my other T.M.'s, but I still like it.

So, there we have it! Expect another one of these from me next week if not sooner! I'll be posting more on here later and I'm sure Sarah will make her first entry soon as well! Definitely leave comments if you have any feedback as well. Thanks! :]