November 15, 2009

First Entry - Getting right into business!

Hey there everyone!

So, I'm Josh. I'm one of the two of people who post on this blog, the other being my good friend Sarah. We're both pretty addicted to makeup. So, why not put all our experience to good use? Enter this blog!

Either way, I'll introduce and talk about me later, but I really wanted to jump into this! I took the liberty of figuring out tonight what my "favorite five" items were when it comes to a few things. Here's one of the lists:

Favorite Five Tinted Moisturizers
1. Cosmedicine Medi-Matte Tint - I picked up this little wonder on my last birthday at Ulta. I got it for $42, which was muchhhhh more than I'd normally pay for something, especially a tinted moisturizer, but I really liked the idea that it had SPF, controlled oil, and had really good coverage. This provides light-medium coverage, leaning towards the medium side, which I love. Blending it can be a bit tricky, since the consistency is almost sticky, but it does control oil like a charm. So, I can deal with apply it in smaller areas. Overall, this is perfect for my uneven and excessively oily skin when I don't want something heavy. Oh yeah, and I got this in Fair Skin, of course.
2. Cover Girl Smothers Tinted Moisturizer - This tinted moisturizer is a favorite of mine because it does what a tinted moisturizer should do -- provide moisture. It's a really creamy consistency, blends well, provides a light coverage but can be built if needed. I love how this allows my skin to look a lot more even and still feel like skin. My only complaint about this is, my oily skin needs something a little more resistant and a few hours later, this might move a bit or transfer a little on me. But for the $7 I got this for, I love it. Great for a good-skin Winter day.
3. Aveeno Postively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer - This was a staple for me this last Summer for a while. Aveeno has always been a brand I trust and I love how none of their products have ever really irritated my skin. So, when this came out, I had to pick it up! It provides me with a light coverage, SPF 30, and actually moisturizes. Paired with my pressed Mineral Powder from Physician's Formula, I had a light Summer makeup routine down packed. However, I didn't like that the Fair to Light Skinned shade was really cool based. Also, I know it's Postively Radiant, which is supposed to be leaving your skin glowing, but this left me too shiny a lot of the time, so, thank god for powder.
4. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer - I remember picking this up at work and not being able to wait to try it. I loved the idea that it literally was what it sounded like -- a skin enhancer. This product contains SPF 20, Retinol, and a light coverage. It does make my skin look a lot more even, though it's not that hydrating. I did however stop using this after I realized I shouldn't be using Retinol in the day, since it's almost counteracts the SPF. So, this went to the back of my drawer unless I want to use it at night.
5. Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer - Sarah actually gave this to me since she had one already and she got another in a set she ordered. This tinted moisturizer is a bit too shiny for my normal taste, but since I'm pretty oily, I set everything with a nice powder, therefore, this left this T.M. looking a lot nicer. It provides a nice coverage and Shade 1 is a nice match for my NC 15-20 skin. I don't reach for this as much as my other T.M.'s, but I still like it.

So, there we have it! Expect another one of these from me next week if not sooner! I'll be posting more on here later and I'm sure Sarah will make her first entry soon as well! Definitely leave comments if you have any feedback as well. Thanks! :]

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