March 15, 2010

What I bought in NYC! :D

Hey everyone! I'm back!

NYC was amazing as expected, however, I've learned cities aren't the place for me. I'm more much suburban, however, I don't mind visiting cities.

ANYWAY, I know everyone wants to get to the juicy stuff, so, here's a few things I picked up in NYC...

Illamasqua Katie Blush - $23
Katie is the perfect baby pink blush ever. It's super pigmented, blends amazingly, and looks extremely natural on my skin. If I do apply a lot, it doesn't look unnatural, which is always a plus. Easily a new favorite of mine.

Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation - 135 - $30
This foundation, as stated, is super rich. It takes the smallest amount to get a full coverage. The best way to apply this is definitely diluted with a little moisturizer to keep it from looking cakey, because it's a dryer liquid. 135 isn't far off from my skin (NC15), but it's a little more yellow, however, it doesn't look bad.

Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation - 105 - $30

I'll spare you the picture only for the fact it's the same thing, but in a white with a very slight pink undertone. I got this because I constantly find a foundation I love however, it's too dark! With this, I can not only buff up the coverage level of the foundation, but I can also lighten it up for me or turn down some of the warm undertones -- Perfect!

Illamasqua Satin Primer - $28

I got this primer instead of trying the Matte Primer -- why? I'm not quite sure. I heard this was fine for even oily-skinned folk, but it just gave you the glow within. Sounds amazing, right? Wrong. I think this is more of a glorified moisturizer that leaves your skin a bit dewy. It didn't extend the wear of my foundation and after applying powder, I didn't look radiant. So, it went back to Sephora when I got back to DE.

I know my NYC haul quickly turned into an Illamasqua haul...but I was dying to try their stuff and NYC is the closest place I can actually shop for it in person! I did pick up some other random things like the Desert Essence Blemish stick I've heard about (Which is good!) and random clothes, but I figured I'd show you the important stuff.

Head on over to or and shop this line - it's very high quality with very few duds.

Josh <3


  1. Hey glad you had fun in the city and looks like you got some great finds :)

  2. Hey again, just wanted to post I'm having my first contest and feel free to enter :)