January 14, 2011

Review and some news!

Hey everyone!

So, I've been gone quite a while and I think I'm finally getting back into the swing of things! I'm off a few days a week unlike this Fall/Holiday season, so, I've got some time to get back into blogging and hopefully keep up with it!

So, where have I been and what have I been doing? Well, for starters, in early September, I began freelancing for Smashbox. Yes, it's totally as fun as it sounds. I love every minute of it but it's not easy. The holidays kept me majorly busy and if that's not enough, I also freelanced a bit for Pur Minerals. So, Smashbox had me in and out of Nordstrom, Sephora, and Ulta pretty much 2-6 times a week throughout October-December, but now that the holidays are over, things have slowed down a bit. I'm starting to freelance on my own a bit now too -- I did a shoot on January 4th which was super fun! Here's a link to the designer's page(Octavia is awesome and her clothes are amazing!), but I'll post some pictures with this as well :]

But yes! I'm keeping quite busy! My website is also going to be up very shortly, which a link for is here :D. Now that I'm back though, expect reviews and postings often! I swear I'm not leaving this time! Now, review time! Here it is:

ELF Studio Cream Eyeshadows - $3

So, I picked up two of these with my last ELF purchase -- I was getting some disposable mascara wands, lip wands, brushes, and other stuff for my kit, so, I figured I could pick these up as neutral bases for powder shadow. The two shades I got are Candlelight (A golden ivory shade - frost) and Dawn (a light taupey brown with a golden sheen - frost). The size of these cream shadows are about twice the size of the ELF Cream Liners, which was a major surprise to me. Now, how do I feel about them????

They're pretty average. I don't find that the wear time alone is very long, but set with a powder, these should last at least 6-8 hours. Personally, I'd never wear them without powder shadow over them. I do find that without a primer beneath them that they do crease, so, it's not something like a Paint Pot -- the texture of these is a little less dense. The color payoff isn't terribly great and with it being a cream product, don't expect to just layer them to get more payoff, since they're definitely crease.

Are they worth it? For the $1.50 I paid for them (50% off studio coupons are always floating around!), they're worth it. They work nicely in a pinch as a base for shoots for me and they also do work nicely on a lazy day. If you're looking for a good base, I'd still suggest a primer, a paint pot, or a MUFE Aqua Cream (I LOVE THOSE).

-- Josh <3

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  1. Lovin' it! The make-up you did for the shoot was awesome :)