February 16, 2010

2/15 Haul - MAC and Sephora.

Hey everyone!

So, out of boredom yesterday, I made it to the mall, where I happened to end up in Sephora and MAC, where I just happened to pick up a few things... :]. Here's what I got:

MAC Color Forecast Blush - Azalea Blossom - $25
I wanted a purple-toned pink blush. The SA recommended I try this, I thought it was pretty, so, I picked it up. It's really pretty on, but I have to apply with a very light hand. I'd recommend it for someone just a little darker than me, NC 25 or darker would look better.

MAC Eyeshadow in Plumage - $14.50
I've wanted Plumage for a while, ever since I saw NARS Tropic, but I hated the glitter it includes. It's a nice, dark color for me to wear without necessarily applying Carbon to my whole lid (I love dark shadow!).

MAC Eyeshadow in Tilt - $14.50
I love tilt! It's got a tiny bit more green than my eyecolor, but a very close match. It looks so nice on my eyes, but I just wish the color didn't fade a bit later in the day. I still like it though.

Sephora 55 - Platinum Airbrush - $34
I'm not sure how I feel about this yet, but for $34, I better love it.

Yeah, so, I totally got more than I intended...but hey, I was treating myself for Valentines Day. Haha.

Josh <3


  1. i love your haul! please do some eotd with the tilt!

  2. That Tilt eyeshadow is AWESOME! Gotta get it!
    Have you tried Smashbox brushes? There really great.