August 8, 2010

I'm back with some mini-reviews!

Hi everyone! :]

So, I'm finally back after being gone for so long! I just moved, took a new job, and I'm trying to get my life on a new track, so, needless to say, my life was pretty hectic! Now that I'm all moved though, I've got some free time again, so, I wanted to continue making blog posts.

I've tried a lot of new things, so, I haven't the slightest clue to get started, but I'm going to try and make this a summary. Let's go with this: I'm going to post a mini-review of 5 products I've tried recently that I loved. Sound okay? Good! Here we go!

1. Retin-A Micro
Now, I'm aware this isn't a product you can buy in stores, but it's been a lifesaver for me, so, I had to make it my number one. I started Retin-A Micro in late March as a treatment for my cystic acne and acne-scarring. Since then, I've seen nothing but improvement. Rarely ever do I get a cystic blemish anymore and on top of that, I hardly break out to the level I used to. My skin is looking a lot more even, but Retin-A Micro will keep working at any scarring I still have. Yes, I did have dryness the first two weeks I was on it, but I highly recommend you bring this product up with your dermatologist if you're facing problems with cystic acne.

2. Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Foundation
This foundation is a pressed powder foundation and it's something I've literally almost used up the whole thing -- I'm scrapping up the sides of the bottom of the pan now! Right now, I'm using it as a setting powder for when I wear a Tinted Moisturizer, but I have used it as a foundation alone and it works wonderfully for oily skin. The shade doesn't match me completely, but it's close enough where it's not a problem. If you're oily, give this a shot!

3. MAC Mylar Eyeshadow
Mylar is a matte eyeshadow that is a mixture between a fleshtone and a white, it's actually just a tad lighter than my NC15 skin, so, it makes for the perfect highlight under my browbone. I catch myself reaching for this every day and I definitely see myself repurchasing this.

4. Revlon Lash Fantasy Mascara
This mascara is a double-ended mascara, one side primer, the other typical mascara, but I find that this is much more defining than any other two-sided mascara I've tried. My long lashes tend to be easily clump prone, but both sides are plastic bristled brushes, so, I don't get clumps! It adds major length and holds a curl very well. Definitely recommend this.

5. Clarisonic Mia
So, I join the many who are proud owners of a Clarisonic facial brush! This totally removes all my makeup and definitely leave my skin super smooth. I use this every night to remove my makeup and it never irritates my skin (Don't press it into your face, let the brush do the work!) The pores around and on my nose look much smaller and I don't think I want to live without this ever again!

So, there you have it! Look for much more frequent reviews and posts to come!

Josh <3

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  1. We are excited to hear that you are loving your Clarisonic Mia. If you have questions about the product we are here to help. Find us on Twitter @Clarisonic or via email We'd love to hear from you. Happy Cleansing!