January 6, 2010

Review: Lancome Color Design Eyeshadows.

Hey everyone!

So, I went to my local CCO recently, and I ended up picking up some MAC of course. Besides that, I wandered over to the Lancome Company outlet as well, where they were having a pretty nice sale. So, I picked up a few of their Color Design Eye Shadow singles, which were on sale 2/$10 (Original Retail - $16.50). I only picked up two, but I already had two eyeshadows.

The colors I have are Statuesque(Intense, Matte Black), The New Black(Metallic, Black with silver glitter), Style Section (Metallic, Bright silver), and Daylight Glow (Shimmer, Goldy-white pearl). Each eyeshadow comes in it's own little container with a slide off lid, which is actually really pretty. They're an inch in diameter and probably close to the same size as a MAC eyeshadow. Here's a picture of one of the eyeshadows:

How do I feel overall about these eyeshadows? I really like them a lot. They're really pigmented, which is always the base of a good eyeshadow. Secondly, they blend really easy with the right tools, a 217 or just a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Other than that, they make good liners and last all day with minimal fading with a good base of course. Would I buy them for $16.50? Not again after this sale (I did buy Style Section for $16.50 -- I had a gift card and I'm a sucker for silver!). However, if there is a color you're in love with they have and you can't find a dupe, go for it.

I hope this helps! Thanks!

Josh <3

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